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New Songs and Upcoming Gigs...

posted Oct 15, 2012, 12:47 PM by Frank Adrian   [ updated Oct 15, 2012, 12:52 PM ]
I'm doing final touch-up on the mixing and mastering for the next single from This, Not This! - a song I wrote called Dimensions. It's been a favorite in our live shows and I'm looking forward to having it finished and up on iTunes and Amazon Music sometime next week. Frankly, I did a car check on my mastering for the single and I think it actually sounds better to me than the songs on the EP which we sent out for "professional" mastering (of course, I'm biased). This one really rocks, so take a listen at the streaming "pre-release" on the This, Not This! website.  Look for it when it's out there, buy it, and enjoy. Next up? Mixing one of Phil's songs - Touch of Magic - and recording harmony parts on another one of mine - Waiting for the World.

Dave Wakeling and his wife, Candace Schimp, and I will have a three hour acoustic show at Urban Decanter, a wine shop and restaurant at 2030 Main Street, Forest Grove at 7 pm on October 20 (this coming Saturday). The material will be mainly Dave's, with some covers thrown in, but I'll sing a few of my songs, too, including a couple that have never been performed live before - Icarus and Stupid Genius. I'll be playing bass and singing harmony, for the most part, but will also help Dave out on guitar on some songs. Dave, Candee, and I always have a great time performing together - wonderful songs and harmonies and you might get to hear Dave call me a wimp, live, for not wanting to play certain songs so much. A good time will be had by all, so get there and listen.

On December 7, Dave and I will be playing with This, Not This! (our electric band) at the Mt. Tabor Theater at 4811 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland. As usual, about half the songs will be mine and I'll be playing bass and singing backup. Appearing with us will be Aina Haina and Ill Lucid Onset. Aina Haina features our old buddy Mike Ailes, who has opened for us before. This is, however, the first time we get to hear him with his band - we think it will be really great. We met Ill Lucid Onset when we played the Clark County Fair in August - they had a really good show and some great songs. We're looking forward to playing with all of these guys.

Also, if you haven't heard them yet, check out Dusty Santamaria and his band, The Singing Knives. Their online material doesn't do them justice - Dusty is a riveting performer and his performances shouldn't be missed. Sherry and I have been trying to get This, Not This! and Dusty together for a show for... well, for a long time. We hope to have a show with them soon (probably sometime early next year) - negotiations with Dusty and various venues are underway. Keep checking back to the This, Not This! website for more information. Or better yet, go there and join our mailing list, after which you can be notified of all of our upcoming stuff! See you at a show soon!