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Why is dead?

posted Aug 24, 2010, 10:50 PM by Frank Adrian   [ updated Jul 9, 2011, 9:31 PM ]
Over the past couple years, the dubious joys of running my own servers for mail, FTP, web at home have continued to fade. When the web was young, Linux was fresh, and I was new to this sort of thing, setting up and securing a public-facing domain was a learning experience for me. OK, so now I've learned. Now it's just a weekly chore of updating and spam clearing of a mail box that I rarely (read never) use.

My wife was the first to notice that had gone missing, as she has her "shopping mail" sent through her email address. After some research, I found that when my renewal notice came from Network Solutions, I did not notice it in the sea of spam that got past clam-av and the bayesian filter I use (not to mention the the fact that I tended to ignore email that those spamming bastards at Network Solutions seemed to send on a weekly basis). As such, because I did not see the renewal notice, the domain expired 30 April of this year. When I called them to say that I had forgotten to renew, they let me know that they would be happy to renew the domain for a small "re-instatement fee", which seemed to be bigger than the budget of several third-world nations. As such, I declined their generous offer and have allowed the domain to expire.

So, here I am - in the cloud. If you want to poke at me, you can use this blog, follow me on Facebook or, if you know me well enough, send mail to my gmail account. If you want the domain name, you are welcome to wait until 30 April of next year and ask your friends at GoDaddy or BigRock or even the scum suckers at Network Solutions to register you for it. If you're looking for any other stuff that used to be on the website, it will be a couple days before I can get all of my files uploaded here, so check back. If you haven't noticed already, I have brand, new shiny domain names - and - pointing to this website.

Looking forward to seeing you again...