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This week's chills and thrills...

posted Sep 16, 2011, 2:07 PM by Frank Adrian
I saw my eye doctor. The blood is clearing from my vitreous slowly. I could actually see lines on a page today with my left eye. When the blood shifts around just right, I can even see small areas clearly for a couple of seconds. One week down, four-to-five to go...

I (sort of) cleaned out my studio before the session with the hypnotherapist. I can actually walk through it now, which is a plus, but the stuff I shipped back from Illinois arrived and now I have a box sitting on my chair. I'll now have to figure out where to put that crap.

I recorded the hypnotherapist on Wednesday. She did great. I used a noise gate followed by an EQ that compensated for the high-end boost of the mike I was using on the input. When I played the recording back for her, I used a bit of EQ in the LF to give her voice a bit more body and a bit of slapback echo and reverb to give her voice some ambiance. She though it sounded great. And it did, actually - I was impressed - especially when we put it in front of some background music. I was pretty proud of myself. She recorded the induction portion of her spiel in this session. Next session, she's going to record an introduction and we'll mix in the background music. I'm hoping to get a minute's sample or so to put on the studio's website. Of course, no cash traded hands for this - I'm going to get a few hours of hypnotherapy out of the deal. Barter - you gotta love it. The only problem is, being like Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way - it's hard to figure out what I need hypnotherapy for. OK! Weight loss it is!

Wednesday after she left, I did a couple additional tracks for one of the songs on the This, Not This! EP. The bridge of one of the songs seemed a bit weak to me, so I did a guitar part to go over it. We'll see if anyone likes it, once we mix that song. Thursday, we finished the remainder of the tracking work for the EP - Phil added a couple of guitar parts and Dave sang a harmony part. We also mixed the first song and got partway through another. I'm really not much of a fan of the song we mixed (to my mind it's the weakest on the EP), but it came out sounding pretty good. So, we're on our way to completion. We will have another mix session on Monday. Maybe we'll get done, maybe we won't, but I feel like I'm keeping quality standards up, so the final product will sound good. Unfortunately, I'm going to be the only one there to tell Dave that Tia (and the rest of us) decided to change one of the lines in one of his songs.

A nice thing is that, this weekend, I have almost nothing I have to do. I'll probably make another cleaning pass in the studio and clear out a couple last things. I'll organize the workbench in the basement. I'll take photos for some stuff I'm putting on eBay. I'll record a song. I'll start getting things ready to build the breakout box for the console.